Our History

American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP) is a national nonprofit organization focused on professional development, health education centered around the unique needs of American-Muslims, and advocacy for minorities and underserved communities. Since the organization’s founding in 2004, AMHP has been at the forefront of public health and policy issues—mobilizing Muslims during the health reform debates at the start of the Obama Administration, championing community-based anti-obesity measures, creating resources for disabled Muslims and elevating the discussion on mental health.

AMHP is proud to work with a variety of interfaith health coalitions.  AMHP leadership has contributed to the Washington Post’s On Faith blog, Belief.net, First Lady’s blog, Huffington Post and numerous local publications.

In November 2014, AMHP celebrated its 10-year anniversary and made great strides in each of its three areas of focus: health promotion, advocacy and career development. Just recently, AMHP was one of 14 Muslim American organizations invited to a White House roundtable discussion between a diverse cross-section of Muslim Americans and President Barack Obama and senior Administration officials. Attendees had an opportunity to share their accomplishments and also voice their concerns about the challenges their communities and institutions face.


Our mission is to empower Muslim health professionals to improve the health of Americans.


Our vision is to be a leader in improving public health, through efforts inspired by the Islamic tradition.

Our Members

AMHP is open to students and professionals who are interested in promoting public health and healthcare through inspiration from Islam.

AMHP is fundamentally a big-tent organization in that we are comprised of clinicians, health administrators, community organizers, researchers, policy specialists, attorneys, and more. Most of our members are in medical or public health professions. Examples include:

  • Allied Health Professionals (Physical Therapists)
  • Dentists and Optometrists
  • Healthcare Administrators
  • Healthcare Consultants and Lawyers
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Mental Health/ Psychologists
  • Nurses (RN, LPN, NP) and Physician Assistants
  • Nutritionists/Dieticians
  • Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical/Biotech Professionals
  • Physicians (Allopathic & Osteopathic)
  • Public/Community Health Practitioners (MPH, MS) and Social Workers
American Muslim health professionals are actively engaged in issues across the spectrum. Our members are especially interested in promoting access to health care and wellness at the community level, health education and policy/advocacy.
Our members represent a diverse cross-section of the broader American Muslim community. A large portion of our members are mid-level professionals, followed closely by senior-level leaders, executives, fellows/trainees, and undergraduate and graduate students. Our members are ethnically and geographically diverse.
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Executive Board

Albert W. Pless, MS (MA)
Albert W. Pless, MS (MA)President
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Faseeha K. Altaf, MPH (CT)
Faseeha K. Altaf, MPH (CT)Vice-President
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Naba Sharif, MD (DC)
Naba Sharif, MD (DC)Health Education
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Saima Anjam, BA (NY)
Saima Anjam, BA (NY)Chapter Liaison
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Board of Directors

Farah Jamil, MHA, Canada
Farah Jamil, MHA, CanadaCareer Development
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Arshia Wajid, MBA, MPH (IL)
Arshia Wajid, MBA, MPH (IL)Founder & Board Member
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Kashif Mian, MBA (WA)
Kashif Mian, MBA (WA)Chair of Advisory Committee
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Jamiah Aniece Adams, MPW (CA)
Jamiah Aniece Adams, MPW (CA)Government Relations
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Rukhsana M. Chaudhry, Psy.D. (DC)
Rukhsana M. Chaudhry, Psy.D. (DC)Mental Health
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Afroz Hafeez, MD, MBA (IL)
Afroz Hafeez, MD, MBA (IL)Membership Director
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Advisory Board

Rehan Dawer
Rehan DawerFounder
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Saba Ternikar
Saba TernikarHead of Strategic Client Development
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Tayyab Yunus
Tayyab YunusFounder & CEO
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Shahid Shah
Shahid ShahCo-Founder
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Sister Simone Campbell
Sister Simone CampbellExecutive Director
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Iman Jandali
Iman JandaliExecutive Coordinator
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Nadia Afredi
Nadia AfrediEditor-in-Chief, Blog
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Ndaa Hassan
Ndaa HassanMarketing Manager
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Yasmeen Fareeduddin
Yasmeen FareeduddinMental Health Program Manager
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