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About Yossra Fadl

Yossra Fadl is a pharmacist by profession, a home cook and a photographer by passion. She lives in sunny Sydney, Australia, with her two children and husband. Her inspiration for cooking comes from her Egyptian roots. Her recipes are a revelation of the Middle eastern and North African culinary traditions. Her kitchen is a place where she celebrates the good old way of eating whole food. To know more about her, visit her personal blog www.afoodiesaffairs.com.

A Fresh Approach To Good Health

By |July 13th, 2016|

How many of us have tried different fad food regimens and quick weight loss diets hoping to find a magic wand that would change our lives to be better forever? (Tweet this) I have. Yes, I fell victim to some of these diets once (or maybe more) when I was desperate to lose a couple […]