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2501, 2018

“What does our faith teach us about healthcare and how do we see our nation meeting – or rejecting – our faith’s call to address healthcare inequality?

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Each year, the NETWORK Lobby for Social Just connects with thousands of justice-seekers during Lent to reflect on a certain theme. The theme of this week was to reflect on how healthcare and quality of […]

1801, 2018

National Conference

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2607, 2017

National Interfaith Anti-Bullying Summit: Abstract Details

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2406, 2017

Advocacy Resources to Prevent Repeal of ACA

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23-hour Interfaith Vigil to Protect Medicaid
Dr. Sarah Kureshi represented AMHP at the vigil where leaders of different faiths gathered to protest the repeal of the ACA.

Dr. Kureshi: “There’s a saying of Prophet Muhammad about how the community […]

506, 2017

Looking Within

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1307, 2016

A Fresh Approach To Good Health

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How many of us have tried different fad food regimens and quick weight loss diets hoping to find a magic wand that would change our lives to be better forever? (Tweet this) I have. Yes, […]

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