411, 2015

Patients say deploying a patient portal isn’t enough to engage them

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Much has been made of the push to better engage patients, but little has been spent on examining exactly what patients want. Despite the requirements set by the EHR Incentive Program, simply deploying a patient […]

411, 2015

The future of medicine and the incredible innovations we can expect by 2064

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The Fred Alger Management team reached out to me recently asking what innovative changes I thought the medical and healthcare industry will be going through over the next 50 years. It was for their innovative […]

211, 2015

How health IT enables safer medical travel and tourism

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IT innovation, global medicine and frustrated medical patients drive the demand for medical travel. But telemedicine also improves patient care and the customer experience of medical travelers. Once again, we welcome medical IT entrepreneur, Agha […]

2510, 2015

If the Shoe Fits

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Stilettos, wedges, pumps, and platform heels for fancy occasions. Feather light sneakers with built in springs for those mile runs in the morning. Foldable flats to pop out of your bag after a long day […]

2210, 2015

Finding Our Voice: Sharing our Disability Experiences to Seek Empowerment and Affect Change

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Understanding disability is a rising issue among the Muslim community. It is a topic that is not frequently discussed and often ignored. As a result, Muslim individuals with a disability feel left out affecting their […]

810, 2015

Mountains or Molehills: Depression, Suicide, and Your Help

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Depression. One of the most commonly used terms to describe a number of emotions: sadness, apathy, or just the blahs. True depression, however, is mostly misunderstood. Depression includes symptoms such as a reduced interest in […]

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