Mental Health

AMHP aspires to be a leader in improving public health through efforts inspired by Islamic tradition, in three distinct ways: (1) professional development of Muslims across health professions (2) health education and community outreach (3) state and national advocacy on issues of access and awareness.

In January 2012, we identified mental health literacy as the number one area of public health concern among Muslims in the U.S. Many of our community’s challenges regarding trauma, substance abuse, and moderate to severe mental health disorders stem from the following: We often (1) suffer stigma within the community to talk about our issues, (2) face perceived or real challenges that mental health providers will not understand our needs in an appropriate cultural context, and (3) face an increasingly Islamophobic environment.

Our Vision

  • Understanding MMH Needs
  • Increasing access to MMH providers and services
  • Creating and standardizing Islamic therapeutic approaches to MH
  • Establish awareness campaigns
  • Creating a base infrastructure and vision for the field

Over the past years, AMHP has been able to:

  • Conduct Mental Health First Aid program for Imams and Chaplains (Al-Hibri Grant recipient)
  • Establish a directory of Muslim Mental health professionals
  • Expand mental health team
  • Conduct series of Mental Health Webinars in 2012 in partnership with The Departement of Health and Human Services (HHS): Imams/Chaplains, Youth, Trauma

Our Work


Prominent youth leaders gather to discuss combating stereotypes and the impact of discrimination on a young person’s well-being.

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AMHP has worked to elevate the national dialogue, particularly to reduce stigma and bring awareness, on mental health within Muslim communities. “Matters of the Mind” is a national webinar series in partnership with HHS and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

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Due to the popularity of the “Matters of the Mind” series and the apparent need for increased attention to Muslim youth, AMHP and HHS decided to focus specifically on the variety of health concerns facing Muslim youth.

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MHFA is an internationally recognized curriculum supported by evidence-based research and has been offered on a limited number of occasions by and for Muslims in the United States within the past year.

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Webinars Archive

  • Mental Health Stigma Webinar – May 24th, 2016

    Each year we fight stigma, educate the public & advocate for equal care. Each year, the movement grows stronger. We are #StigmaFree. VIEW WEBINAR